We excel in this area of leadership development and strongly believe that properly training volunteers for their role on the Board is vital to the success of the Board team. Strategic planning through Calabrese Management doesn’t result in a document that sits on a shelf, but is part of the overall vision of the organization as the activities and budget are tied directly to the strategic plan and goals approved by the Board.

  • Arrange for attendance at up to two in-person and two phone Board Meetings, four Executive Committee conference calls, four Nominating Committee calls, and four Finance Committee calls  each year. Coordinate logistics, work with President or Chair on agendas, distribute notices and packets, take and provide copies of minutes and ensure compliance with mission, Bylaws, conflict of interest and disclosure requirements.
  • Ensure strategic planning session is held, mission is reviewed and affirmed or revised (requirement of Form 990), goals developed and prioritized, and implementation occurs
  • Regularly communicate with President on activities of the organization
  • Ensure and oversee Board nomination and election process, and conduct Board training
  • Coordinate all programs and activities