Company Mission and Philosophy

Calabrese Management is celebrating its 18th year in business and our mission is to provide professional expertise, goal-oriented leadership, organizational structure and quality management services to non-profit trade associations. As an AMC Institute Accredited firm, we believe in utilizing best practices when it comes to managing and overseeing our clients and we have proven to be successful in this area through the accreditation process. Some of these best practices include financial management and internal controls, employee training and professional development procedures and internal audit procedural requirements.

When you contract with Calabrese Management, you obtain a full staff complement. We give our clients access to a wide range of people with professional skills, all important at varying times to the success of your association. These individuals focus their time, energy and continuing educational pursuits on their area of expertise so you are getting the best services and recommendations possible from these experts. With our model of a full staff complement, our clients get the best of the best in each of the service areas you require. This model positions you for growth in a way that other models do not as we are able to add more personnel and services needed as you grow.

We bring extensive knowledge of association management and years of experience helping associations, and their board leadership, achieve their goals. We strongly believe in strategic planning and working with the Board to integrate the strategic focus, mission, objectives, activities and budget into a working document that can be referred to on a daily basis by the staff and the volunteer leaders. While staff has non-profit expertise and can provide direction and guidance, the association belongs to the members and those are the individuals, along with a strong Board, who should have final say on what the association provides and the direction it takes. Our staff is in place to provide direction and day-to-day implementation of the work plan developed by the Board.

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